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Welcome to Kollmeyer & Company.

Kollmeyer & Company is a CPA firm providing accounting services in Springfield Missouri. Some of the services we offer include business planning, tax accounting services, income tax preparation and tax services.

Bookkeeping Accounting Services

We also provide bookkeeping accounting services and litigation support, and are one of the top accounting firms in Springfield Missouri, providing custom accounting and bookkeeping services to suit your business and individual needs.

Absolute best Accounting Advice

Ensuring you receive the absolute best accounting advice, insight and support is vital to growing our business and earning yours. As a company, we support you with nearly 30 years of combined tax, accounting, auditing and fraud investigation experience.

Our Top Services

Audit Representation

If you ever face an audit, take comfort in knowing that when it comes to representing our clients, we are confident, prepared and aggressive.

Financial Audits Statement

Providing clients with accurate, comprehensive financial statement audits is one of the most important and beneficial accounting services we provide.

Estate & Gift Planning

Estate planning is vital to ensuring you leave your heirs with a secure financial future.

Quickbooks Consulting

QuickBooks® accounting software provides the small business owner many convenient and time saving benefits.

Income Tax Preparation

Working together, we can proactively prepare your income taxes with tax saving strategies and ideas regarding how best to accelerate or defer income and deductions.

Controllership Accounting

We offer clients turnkey accounting services that take the burden off you and your staff.

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