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Small Business Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax Services

As a full-service CPA firm, we can provide our clients with small business accounting services such as tax, business planning, auditing services as well as specialty services. We are able to guide clients with short-term and long-term business planning that integrates tax issues with economic issues. We recognize that planning for the business entity must be integrated to meet the financial goals of its owners.

Audit Representation

If you ever face an audit, take comfort in knowing that when it comes to representing our clients, we are confident, prepared and aggressive. Even if we did not prepare your taxes, we are available to review your records and provide you with a level of professionalism that will make a difference. We are client advocates and offer audit representation services that go beyond the industry standard. With years of experience working through the IRS audit appeals process, we have the knowledge needed to make certain our clients’ rights are protected and that all information is presented in an organized, professional manner.

Business Growth Financing

Knowing how and when to obtain business financing takes industry knowledge and expertise. At Kollmeyer & Company, we have years of experience working with lenders to create the loans you need to generate additional capital when you need it most. Given today’s financial climate, it will benefit your business to partner with an accounting firm that understands business growth financing and knows how to position your company’s needs to a potential lender.

Cost Segregation

If your business either built a new or greatly improved an existing building since 1990, you may benefit from our cost segregation services. Cost segregation is an accounting tool that provides a way to more quickly realize depreciation deductions. At Kollmeyer & Company, we offer our clients a free cost-benefit analysis to see if cost segregation makes sense–and saves cents–for your business.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

If your business is required to provide an employee benefit plan audit, it’s vital you have a professional, experienced accounting team to serve you. At Kollmeyer & Company, we put our vast experience to work for you. We provide full-scope and limited-scope audits, working within the guidelines of the IRS code, Department of Labor, and Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation rules to ensure compliance. Our goal is to streamline the audit process, making it a minimal disruption to your business by working directly with your service provider to provide timely, efficient audit services.

Family Business Planning

When you’ve spent your life caring for your family and building your business, you need a tax plan that protects both. At Kollmeyer & Company we can help you do that with expert family business planning that ensures taxes are minimized and profits are protected upon death or retirement.

Internal Control Evaluations

Internal control evaluations offer administrators a valuable, in-depth assessment of the company’s internal accounting control system. It’s important to make certain system controls are working efficiently, and as intended. At Kollmeyer & Company internal control evaluations represent a vital component of our audit process. The information gained from an internal control evaluation is often used to reduce errors and irregularities and to provide recommendations for improving internal controls.

Quickbooks® Consulting

QuickBooks® accounting software provides the small business owner many convenient and time-saving benefits. We offer our clients consulting support to help your business get up and running with this capable software program. From payroll to inventory control, this software makes keeping up with routine business accounting and record keeping easier and more streamlined.

Retirement Plan Administration

Choosing the best retirement plan for your business is an important decision with far-reaching tax consequences. At Kollmeyer & Company we have experience helping businesses make this important decision. We also have the expertise needed to provide your business with the tax services support that meets ERISA standards and quarterly requirements. No matter which retirement plan you choose, we have the resources to help.

Budgetary Cost Control

In today’s business environment, when it comes to marketplace survival, budgetary cost control has never been more important.

At Kollmeyer & Company, we have innovative accounting tools that help clients monitor and achieve cost control. A business that maintains consistent control of their budget has an obvious advantage over the competition. We are experts at helping clients establish and track budget goals. Call us today to find out how we can help you gain control.

Business Tax Credits

Business tax credits are complex, complicated, and always changing. That’s why you need professional tax advisors looking out for your best interests. We make it our responsibility to be on the look out for important tax law changes that may affect your company’s bottom line. Taking care of your taxes… that’s our job, and that’s our promise to you.

Controllership Accounting

Accounting can take a toll on a business. That’s because as a business owner, your work time is limited and valuable. The time it takes to manage your company’s accounting details, especially payroll tax deposits and quarterly returns, can really add up. We offer clients turnkey accounting services that take the burden off you and your staff. Call us today to create a tailored, custom accounting support package that saves you time and money!

Employment Taxes

Making certain your company’s payroll taxes are filed in a timely, professional manner can save you money. Because employment tax rules frequently change, it’s vitally important your accounting team keeps you informed and up-to-date regarding changes affecting your bottom line. At Kollmeyer & Company, when it comes to employment taxes we make it our business to take care of yours.

Financial Statement Audits

Providing clients with accurate, comprehensive financial statement audits is one of the most important and beneficial accounting services we provide. Our goal is to meet regulatory requirements and ensure the integrity of your financial statements. Our ability to achieve this goal and provide our business clients with superior audit services is the foundation of our client relationship. When it comes to accuracy, reliability, and dedication to quality, Kollmeyer & Company has a reputation to uphold and a promise to keep.

Non-Profit Organization Audits

Our non-profit clients depend on us for year-round support regarding audit, tax and general accounting services. We continually watch for opportunities to provide tax advice that helps our clients benefit from changes in the tax code. We help clients evaluate their balance sheet for opportunities to realign resources and implement strategies to save. Reducing taxes and improving organizational efficiencies are key areas our non-profit clients benefit from having a dedicated, professional accounting team on their side.

Research & Development Credits

Everyone knows it can really pay off to invest in research & development. But did you know it can also save you money? That’s because businesses are often eligible for tremendous tax savings due to tax credits associated with research and development investments. Many business owners are unaware of this tax credit opportunity. Call us today and find out if this is an opportunity your business may be missing!

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